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Helping to create Clean and Trusted Environments keeping all of us in good health

Disinfection Technology

Retail-, Commercial- or Industrial Hand Sanitization Stations. Walk- through Disinfection Gates. Decontamination Chambers.

Cleaning Technology

Detergents, disinfectants and sanitizers for household, retail, commercial or industrial settings. Specialist Medical sanitizers. 

Sterilization Technology

Chemical and non-chemical sterilization agents;
UVC Light sterilization Technology.

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver Best Purpose Cleaning and Hygiene products that provide superior results and total confidence to customers across the Globe. SYNAARGY VIROCLEANSE always will be a pioneer seeking to improve our offering.


Hand Sanitization Stations for use in Retail-, Commercial- or Industrial Settings. 


Walk-through, whole-body disinfection or sterilization Gates. Decontamination Chambers. 


Personal Protective Equipment; Cleaning, Disinfecting, Sterilization Technology.

UVC Sterilization.


Disinfection decontamination chambers for professional lab-tech environments. 


For Aviation Industry high-traffic  disinfection, sterilization or fumigation devices.


Ultra-violet-light sterilization robotics; door handle sterilizers; 

UVC Technology. 

Delivering Solutions for Retail, Commercial and Industrial Businesses

All SYNMED™ Sanitisation Products are compliant with current and accepted COVID- 19 Infection Control Protocols as articulated by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The COVID-19 Global Health Crises has exposed a challenging environment for Business and Commerce in general terms. We understand our customers need a rigid, reliable and dependable solution provider not deterred by inhuman and unsustainable environments of fear and isolation.


All SYNMED™, SYNAIR™, SYNAERO™ and SYNAIR-Lock™ sanitization/ disinfecting products are fully installed and serviced by our Mobile Infection Control Officers giving our customers complete piece of mind. No upfront capital expenses and no hassles with ongoing maintenance of our devices.  

Our customers are always on our mind and we support them as best we can. In early 2000 we established the SYNAARGY VIROCLEANSE COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Protocol (IPC) providing relevant guidance on Best Industry Practices for:

⦁    Environmental cleaning 
⦁    Cleaning practices 
⦁    Detergents, disinfectants and sanitisers
⦁    How to clean
⦁    Personal Protective Equipment

The SYNMED™ Complete Protect Program 

For a set monthly fee this program includes equipment rental of sanitisation stations, any personalisation as to colours, logos or brand identity, all installation, maintenance and service and all ancillary sanitisation products or product refills relevant for your device.

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Medical Examination Gloves

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